Activity Absorbs Anxiety


by Brent Haydey



3 Ways to release stress so you can focus on what really matters.

I used to perform pre-employment BFOR assessments on people applying to work in very physically demanding jobs. They’d come in completely stressed because them getting the job or not depended on passing the assessment. It showed in their “resting” blood pressure measurements. Often they were sky high.  The interesting thing that almost always occurred was that once they went through an aerobic physical component their measured blood pressure dropped significantly during the cool down. Quite often well BELOW their initial “resting” levels.

Activity absorbs anxiety!

They were less stressed AFTER exercise.

It really works. Tons of research confirms it. Physiologically I’ve seen it happen with all kinds of clients over and over again.

So what does that mean for you.

In today’s hectic world stress impacts us in all kinds of ways. When we do little to release it effectively we increase the risk of things like high blood pressure and heart disease and the consequences to our health and lives that go along with them. Too often over eating, eating unhealthy things, and drink too much alcohol become the attempts to alleviate the stress.

Seeing where and when stress impacts you most is the natural first step. Assess your current reality. When stress enters your daily world consider these 3 strategies.

At Work: When pressure mounts stop, step out, get active. It doesn’t have to be much. Go walk around the block, go up and down a few flights of stairs, or some other activity. Breathe deeply, relax, feel the stress melt away. Come back and pick up where you left off whether that’s working on a project or conversing with your boss.

At Home: Exercise! Simple as that. Go for a run, walk, or cycle. Attend a spin, yoga, or crossfit class. Work out with weights. Play a sport. This may be needed spontaneously when a stressful situation occurs. It may also be planned and done when stress mounts over time or is carried over from your work day.

** These two help you release stress to benefit your health and allow you to calmly refocus on what is most important in the moment.

For Your Life: In all areas of your life begin to explore the root cause of each stress and begin to gradually shift your life to address that root cause making changes that will support you being happy and healthy.

Release STRESS, achieve thriving health and begin living your Ideal Life TODAY!

Yours in health,



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