Abundance, Generosity, and Celebration


by Brent Haydey



For you is the cup half empty or half full?

When someone praises you or your work do you dismiss it as no big deal?

In this post I will share how the Creators Code pillar 5 of “I Live A Life of Abundance, Generosity, and Celebration” can have an impact on your ability to progress in building your business and living your wildly ideal life.

Consider Your Abundance

happypeopleEvery once in a while a news broadcast, an issue or event trending on social media, or by some other means we are reminded of just how abundant our lives are in the western world.

It may not always feel that way, especially if you are struggling to make ends meet and build your business, but when you’re feeling especially down take a moment to consider your current position and put it all in a perspective that helps you shift your experience in that moment.

By recognizing your true abundance you can shift from the negative frame of reference you carry, feel better about yourself and where you are headed, overcome the paralysis it is causing, and begin to ACT to move forward.

Recognize All There Is To Celebrate 

When you complete a task or project, overcome a hurdle, or are praised by someone else, what is your normal response?

Is it to say no big deal or dismiss the praise altogether then check it off the list and move on to the next thing? It is for many people, especially those who have a negative frame of reference.

When you look back to assess progress or a week completed where do you go first?

Is it to what is not done and what went wrong? Once again, many head here immediately.

Find fault first and dismiss what was done well. That’s too common a pattern!

For myself and with my clients I insist upon celebrating successes first with our weekly check in. Why?

So that a gradual shift happens towards a positive frame of reference. So that recognition and celebration of all the good things (no matter how small) is done and repeated every week! We all need more fun. We all need to boost our self esteem and our confidence.

As you do you will break old barriers and create momentum of positive action to build upon.


Beyond celebration and abundance comes generosity. As Jay Fiset puts it when you consciously give of your wealth, time or resources you send a powerful message to your inner belief system that says you have the capacity to create even more.

Give and you shall receive, often in a much larger way.

Take 4 minutes and watch this video of Jay Fiset describing this concept in a clear, concise manner.

I Live A Life of Abundance, Generosity, and Celebration 

When you’re feeling down, sorry for yourself, and stuck in a negative frame of reference…

  • Consider how abundantly well off you are living in the western world.
  • Recognize all there is to truly celebrate in your life (even if the struggle to build your biz persists).
  • Understand the power of generosity in increasing your ability to create the wealth and life you desire.

Taking a moment to connect with these three realizations will shift your in the moment experience and allow you to move forward with your day in making step by step progress of building your business and evolving your path of entrepreneurial freedom.


“Life is meant to be embraced, enjoyed and fully lived, not merely endured!”

To your success,


Be an advocate of Entrepreneurial Freedom and the global movement of conscious creators. Please share this with anyone you feel would enjoy the content. I appreciate your support in growing our community of entrepreneurs!


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