7 Reasons Why You Need To Hire A Coach


by Brent Haydey



Many billionaires, owners of massive businesses, famous celebrities, and elite athletes use a coach to help them become high achievers and to live the life and lifestyle they want for themselves and their families.

A Great CoachOprah, for example, built her brand into a worldwide powerhouse crossing several industries. She’s been noted to attribute part of that success to her life coach and has been a major advocate of coaching support every since.

Eric Schmidt, Chairman of Alphabet (and former CEO of Google) has been noted in saying the best advice he ever got was to hire an executive coach.

These are high achieving people and coaching support has helped them.

I believe that most business owners tend to be high achievers and if they’re not already then they want to be one… someday soon!

The problem is, many high achievers are on an unsustainable path, despite their success, and if left unchecked may end up divorced, lonely, and unhappy or maybe even dead prematurely never really getting to enjoy all they work so hard to achieve.

Now for those who want to be a high achiever… well they tend to work so long and so hard that they become overwhelmed and burn out. Their productivity and profitability drop and never get to that point of high achievement that they desire.

In both of these scenarios a coach can really help.

Why Use A Coach?

Very simply put, a coach can help you get to where you want to go in life… faster!

7 Game Changing Benefits Of Working With A Life/Business Coach

Remove The Blinders – a great coach will help you see beyond what you thought or knew was possible. You’ll not only see that light at the end of the tunnel, you also see well beyond it to opportunities and a way of living that excites you.

Be Centred – a great coach will help you move from chaos and overwhelm to calm and productive. In doing so you’ll be able to make clear and conscious decisions, focus where you need to, and actually become more productive and profitable.

Blind Spot Awareness – a great coach will can see into your blind spots in business and life even when you cannot see it yourself. By having a second set of eyes in your world you can overcome or bypass obstacles that would normally trip you up. You can keep progressing faster than you would on your own.

Conflict Management – In business, as in life, conflict will occur. A great coach will help you work through it effectively and quickly so that it does not continue to weigh on you and negatively impact your world. Sometimes that’s dealing with others. Very often though the conflict management required is in helping you get past your biggest barrier …YOU!

Work-Life Balance – High achievers have learned that to sustain a high level of productivity and profitability they must also achieve work-life balance in a manner that specifically suits them. A great coach will help you see the value of work-life balance, create it in your world, and then help you stay on track as you live it and reap the rewards.

Sounding Board – Most business owners tend to not let their guard down and appear vulnerable or weak to competitors, to clients, to employees, to partners, and even to family. Now that’s a lot of pressure to hold in at times. A great coach will work to build trust with their clients. That leads to authentic and open conversations and a chance for you to be vulnerable in a safe space. This powerful benefit of a coach will help you identify, address, and move beyond those major stressors in your business or in your life that keep you awake at night.

Eliminate Energy Drains – Over the years you have come to live your life, including how you operate your business in certain ways. At one time it may have served you well. But certain beliefs, attitudes, behaviours and relationships can drain your energy when they longer serve you. A great coach will help you see what these are and how they are impacting you now. This is vital because many of these things currently operate on an unconscious level and you may not be able to see them on your own. Once identified a great coach will help you remove them or shift them into a manner that can serve you once again.

So if a coach can benefit you in these 7 powerful ways in order to help you achieve greater results, break through barriers, and support faster progress why doesn’t everyone use one?

3 reasons why business owners don’t use a coach

The Stigma – To some coaching still carries a certain stigma, like therapy, that creates a hesitancy despite the value identified above. You might wonder what others think if they know you are working with a coach. Often, it’s more of what you will think. A negative inner voice saying things like “only broken people uses coaches” might get louder with the mere suggestion of hiring a coach.

If you shift your focus to the 7 benefits above you can quieten that negative inner voice and open up to the possibility of what a coach can bring to your business and your life.

Your Pain Is Not Yet Strong Enough – Many business owners have that “I must do it alone” mentality. Their inner voice will always first default to “I can handle it”, or “It’s not that big a deal”, or the pattern that goes “Maybe once I…, then I can consider coaching”.

What you must think about is how much allowing those nagging, deflating, focus distracting things will cost you in the long run. Which then brings us to the next belief limiting you from hiring a coach.

It’s Too Expensive – Too many business owners go straight to the price when considering coaching and that might scare them off. Instead consider the freedom that will be created in working with a coach. Consider how that freedom will allow greater time, energy, and focus to be aimed squarely on your businesses growth and earnings. Do so and you’ll realize that the return on the investment in hiring a great coach can be immense and surpass the cost many times over.

Not only that but when you consider the cost of not making the changes you know you need to make to your marriage, your relationship with your kids or to your health, well as Mastercard says… it’s priceless!

As I hope you can see, a coach can support you and your business in making massive business and life altering changes faster and more effectively that you are likely to be able to make on your own.

If you’ve been stuck, stressed, and overwhelmed wishing you could make that next step with your business, or just be able to focus on what matters most, or have time for your family or your health but are not sure of how to take the next step then I’d love the opportunity to see if my coaching support can be the difference maker you need.

Contact me today and we’ll arrange the first step in exploring your needs and whether or not we’d be a good fit to work together. No charge for this, no obligation, and you’ll gain significant insight and value in having this one, first, conversation.

A great coach can help change your world. I’d love to be that coach!



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