5 Tips For Getting Support


by Brent Haydey



You may have the greatest intentions to exercise regularly, do a 5K, take a zumba class, or even participate in the upcoming City Chase as I mentioned Gail and I are doing very soon. Then when it came to actually doing it all kinds of external factors threw up barriers to prevent it from happening.  You needed support.

We all need support to some degree to succeed in anything we do.  Your lifestyle is no different.

“The greatest predictor of success and happiness in times of challenge is your social support network.” Shawn Achor

Here are 5 tips to get the external support you need to take the ACTION of actually living an active healthy lifestyle.

  • Ask someone who can deliver it.
  • Be specific about what support looks like (for you) and the mechanics involved.
  • Ask without expectation, no obligation, and free of choice.
  • If you ask you must be willing to give.
  • Keep asking until you get it (perhaps to more than one person).

So what kind of support will you need to take that next step to act?

Someone to participate with you?

Someone to take care of your kids or a pet while you participate?

Someone who helps free your time to act?

Someone who becomes your cheerleader – at an event or at home?

Someone who mirrors the healthy eating habits you want to embrace?

Maybe it’s all of those things, or others.  That’s fine.  For each person or type of support you need go through the five tips until you have your support team in place.

It may sound like a lot of work to do so but I think you’ll find there are plenty of people in your world that will rally around your desire to lead an active healthy lifestyle if you’d simply ASK in a clear and concise manner.

Begin to build your dream team of support today.  Each and every time you take action with your lifestyle your team will become stronger and stronger in your favor.  They’ll see you building inner support by the actions you take and be willing to help you even more.

Support will grow and you will find it much easier to …..

Release weight, achieve thriving health and begin living your Ideal Life TODAY!

Yours in health,



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