4 Keys To Warm Winters


by Brent Haydey



Is it your dream to experience warm winters somewhere else?

I just came back from spending spring break in the south western US.

On the day we left the snow was just beginning to fall on our way to the airport. While waiting to board our flight the storm became worse, much worse. As we boarded it was near white out. All I could think of was that I hoped we’d be able to take off and get out of there. We did. Those leaving later that morning were not so lucky. That intense early spring storm left a massive mess on the city streets and in the ditches.

Warm WintersWhen we landed and exited the plane there was an instant warmth that came over us. As we walked to get our luggage we crossed an outdoor courtyard filled with palm trees, colourful flowers and sunshine!

Hot, beaming sunshine!

Ahhhh, now that’s what it’s all about!

I’m not sure about you but escaping winter is a part of my dream of entrepreneurial freedom and living my ideal life... my One Wave Lifestyle!

Right now it’s shorter trips where I can continue my work from wherever I am but my plan is in place to leave winters as a distant memory, having experienced more than my share over my life thus far.

On this trip we stayed with family and I got a chance to see how my brother-in-law is now living his dream of entrepreneurial freedom with his own version of work-life balance. He has designed his business and set up its operation such that he is able to live his winters in his southern home. He is able to effectively use technology to work on his business a portion of his mornings (but not every one), he makes sure everything continues to run smoothly so that profitability and success continue, then he enjoys the rest of his time doing whatever he wants!

In the spring, summer, and early fall he returns home to continue to work both on and in his business and to live his own version of a semi-retired one wave lifestyle. He really is living his best life.

From seeing how he came to be at this point on his ideal life path and in looking at others who are also living their dream I was able to determine that there are 4 key factors that you must address in order to truly enjoy the freedom warm winters can bring.

4 Keys to Warm Winters

  1. Clear Vision – You must have a deep, compelling why for wanting warm winters and a clear vision for how it looks for your work and the one wave lifestyle you want to live.
  2. Virtual Work Ability – Unless you have a ton of vacation time available you must design your work or your roles in it so that you can work virtually.
  3. A Trusted Team – You must be able to trust that every person on your team is aligned with your vision, clear of what’s expected of them, and capable of doing it. They must have the ability and autonomy to contribute in a meaningful way.
  4. Support – This backbone will be the difference maker. You must have the support of your spouse and family to carve out time to work while balancing time for everything else. You must have the support of key people at work too. Finally the support of a coach to help you design your dream, integrate it into your world, and address the many waves crashing down to drown your dreams could be the difference between warm winters and more cold and miserable winters up north!

Each of these elements does not need to be 100% in place immediately but ought to have been started. Work on your vision and nurture the relationships that will help make this your reality. One step at a time and this freedom of work-life balance will be yours. It’s one thing to effectively earn revenue while away. It’s another thing altogether to be able to do so while maximizing and truly enjoying your dream destination!


“Life is meant to be embraced, enjoyed and fully lived, not merely endured!”


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