3 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Do Not Vacation


by Brent Haydey



Why entrepreneurs do no vacation

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“Must be nice” is something I hear every time I’m about to head out on a vacation or not long after I return. I believe business owners would really love to take a vacation more often than they do, but something always tends to block their path.

Is this you?

As a result you may become overworked and end up in burnout. It can lead to an unsustainable path that ultimately limits work productivity and profitability. It then can cause you to double down your efforts, however that just leads to being even more overworked, more burn out, and becoming even less productive.

Do you see the negative spiral here?

What can break the cycle?

A vacation, that’s what!

By taking time off periodically you can recharge your batteries in the specific ways that you need and come back re-energized, refreshed, and re-focused on what matters most in your business and your life.

When happier and on track with purpose and vision you’ll be more productive and profitable.

3 Reasons Entrepreneurs Do Not Vacation

The problem is that it may not be as simple as calling your travel agent and booking a getaway. No, there are key reasons why you are not already taking a vacation at least once per year. Here’s what standing in your way of taking the vacation you so sorely need.


The first reason business owners don’t vacation is guilt. You’ve come to believe business must be the centre of your world and that working harder and longer is the ONLY path to success.

Going on vacation is totally counter intuitive to that view so even thinking about it can lead to feelings of guilt.


The second reason business owners don’t vacation is fear. You fear things will fall apart if you leave. Maybe you just don’t trust the people left to take care of things.


The third reason business owners don’t vacation is worry. If you go on vacation you worry that revenue will come to a screeching halt. You working equates to income coming in and if you’re not working then it is not.

While this might be true, especially for some solopreneurs, you’re missing the big picture point of the value of  time off to a business.

These three emotions are powerfully limiting factors that will keep you paralyzed and on that unsustainable path of overwork, overwhelm, and burnout unless you do something about each of them.

The bandaid approach to change can work for some. Just book a vacation today and go. The unfortunate reality is that you’ll probably have work constantly on your mind, not really be able to let go and recharge the way you need to, or fully engage and be there 100% with your family or friends. A longer term methodical approach is much more likely to lead to the result you are looking for.

Overcoming each of these three limiting factors will free you up to create the change you need in your business positioning it and yourself to have the freedom to vacation whenever you want.

Do so and you’ll reap all the rewards that come to your business and to your life!

This level of change is not easy to do on your own. Need some help? Contact me today. I’d love to talk to you and hear about where you are at with these struggles. I just might be a great fit to help you create the change you need, not only to really take a restful and fun vacation for a change, but to return recharged to achieve the success that really matters in your world.


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