3 Keys To Entrepreneurial Freedom


by Brent Haydey



3-keys-successThere are 3 keys to Entrepreneurial Freedom!


Whether you are just starting in business or have been at it for years take the time to really look at your vision of your Entrepreneurial Life Path and how it aligns with your vision of your wildly ideal life.

I believe it was a Covey story that describes a group fearlessly, energetically, and efficiently cutting a swath through the thick jungle on the path towards their ultimate goal. Day by day they made progress until one day the person leading the charge decided to climb above the tree line to measure progress only to discover they were in the wrong forest.

Make sure you know what forest you want to be in from the start or stop and head to it NOW.


The biggest challenge in achieving Entrepreneurial Freedom is YOU. That’s right, you. With a wonderful vision, technical mastery in your products or services, and growing business mastery effectively applied to your business model success is a slam dunk. You, however, keep getting in the way.

Your fears, limiting beliefs, and negative self talk act, often very unconsciously to derail even the best efforts. I say unconsciously because many of these factors are buried very deep inside and may only be noticeable through how you feel and subsequently act, or do not act. Add to these a wide range of influences life throws at you and you can see how easy the best laid plans can come to a screeching halt.

Identifying then shifting these factors so that they support you will be your biggest step to success. Support with this is almost always necessary. Overcoming the powerful pull of beliefs that have been a part of you for a lifetime is very difficult on your own. That’s how they work. Inside through your inner dialogue they convince you all is well when you know, based on lack of results, that it is not.

Seek the support you need and shift old limiting barriers. SHIFT HAPPENS!


Many who get into business do so because they are great at what they do but have little or no business education. This seems to be especially true for wellness professionals such as personal trainers, yoga instructors, massage therapists, and physiotherapists. Great at helping people. Great at delivering great service. Not always so great at business or being entrepreneurial from within a career. An education in business mastery is critical. It must go beyond the “mechanics” of basic business and begin with an effective business model designed for 21st century success. Working ON your business or career is equally as important to working IN your business in delivering great value to your clients.

It must have a plan that is sustainable, scaleable, and saleable in a way that aligns with your vision (above).

Commence your education of Business Mastery with the support you need. Success cannot rely on your technical mastery alone.

If this feels out of your comfort zone or overwhelmingly challenging then contact me. I’d love to help you create a sustainable career or business firmly on your path of entrepreneurial freedom delivering the ideal life you deserve. Here’s how!

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“Remember, life is meant to be embraced, enjoyed, and fully lived, not merely endured.”

Be an advocate of our Entrepreneurial Freedom Revolution and global movement of conscious creators. Please feel free to forward this to anyone you feel would enjoy the content. I appreciate your support in growing our Entrepreneurial Freedom community!


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